Facials and Skin Care

Classic facials that will be customized to your specific skin type and condition.

After months of development, many miles travelled, and years of really getting to know our clients and their needs, we are very proud to offer:

Prana Spa Excellence, Professional Skin Care Products.

Luscious cleansers, smoothing exfollients, fabulous masks, and rich moisturizers will transport you and your skin to another realm of beauty and youth. Prana Spa Excellence is cutting edge, result oriented and better then anything we have ever used. Allow us to show you………..

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The Complete Balance Mini Facial

An abbreviated and still luxurious version of the above treatment. Does not include extractions.

  • 30 minutes $60

The Ultimate Rejuvenation

This classic facial treatment tones and revitalizes your skin, returning a youthful healthy glow. Customized for all skin types including achneic skin.

This treatment includes a full hour of:

Skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, toning, smoothing, massage, moisturizing, and the application of a customized mask. While your mask sets, you will receive a nice long foot massage, complete with steamy towels, and a neck shoulder, arm and hand massage.

  • 60 minutes $110

Ultimate Back Facial

This facial is customized to your skin type and products are applied to your back rather than your face. You receive a calming foot massage while your mask is setting.

  • 60 minutes $120

Age Reversing Facial

Want to start getting rid of lines and wrinkles? Here we go……..

Try our recommended series of 6 Glycolic Treatments.
This facial includes a gentle glycolic acid treatment combined with an outstanding firming mask that will erase the signs of aging. This facial lasts one hour and includes extractions. We recommend no sun exposure for 48 hours afterwards.

  • 60 minutes $130
  • Series of 6:
    • Schedule 5 and get 50% off the 6th!

The Prana Total Bliss

Step into the realm of Ayurveda, India’s age old healing practice. Along with everything included in our Ultimate Rejuvenation facial, we add the ancient Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment. Shirodhara is a meditative beauty treatment which profoundly calms your mind, while at the same time nourishes your hair and scalp. While you lie on your back, a steady stream of warm oil is gently poured onto your forehead, and is allowed to flow down through your hair. Afterwards we apply warm towels and perform a nice long head and scalp massage. Your perception of time and space is lifted into a blissful space. You may choose to substitute our “Ultimate Foot Treatment” in place of the Shirodhara. In this service you will have your feet soaked in a warm scented epsom bath, smoothed with a pumpkin and pumice foot scrub, moisturized with massage, and then a warm paraffin mask is applied.

  • 90 minutes $175

 Waxing/Depilatory Services

  • Lip or Brow $15