Spa Treatments

Our Spa Treatments have been inspired by our travels to Thailand, India, and the South Pacific Islands. Most of our spa treatments combine an exfolliating body polish with a massage, and also include one or more of our add on services listed below. After your skin polish reveals new healthy skin cells, your massage will include the use of our unique massage lotion formulated in a base of organic aloe vera.

Most of our spa treatments may be scheduled with a loved one, or friend, as a couple′s session in the same room. reviews |  Schedule an Appointment

Here are a few definitions to help you better understand our spa treatment menu, many of these are already designed into our spa treatments, and some may also be added to a massage or facial session.

Ayurveda: India′s traditional, natural system of medicine that has ben practiced for over 5000 years.

Shirodhara: A meditative Ayurvedic beauty treatment which calms your mind while it nourishes your hair and scalp. A warm steady pour of scented oil onto your forehead, is allowed to cascade down through your hair. Afterwards you receive a nice long head and scalp massage, finishing up with warm steamy towels to remove the majority of the oil. *Some services may include Shirodhara as part of the treatment at no extra charge. Adds 15 minutes if added to a massage. $45

Spa Facial: We begin with warm towels for your face, and then use our citrus based facial exfollient scrub. Then you will receive a facial massage using one of our specially formulated facial moisturizers. *Some services may include a Spa Facial as part of the treatment at no extra charge. Adds 15 minutes if added to a massage. $35

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. *Some services may include Aromatherapy as part of the treatment at no extra charge. May be added to any service for only $10.

Scrubs and Body Polishes

The Prana Glow – The favorite of many, our skin polishing glow will leave you radiant and ultra smooth. We use a wonderful combination of pumice and crushed apricot seeds in a rich and creamy base to smooth away the stress. We offer both a 60 and 90 minute session. We begin with a body scrub, and follow with moisturizing full body massage.

Our 90 minute session includes our Spa Facial.

  • 60 minutes $125
  • 90 minutes $170

Mens Body Polish- A great pre-date or post workout treatment designed for men. Similar to our Prana Glow, we add essential oils to our scrub that are traditionally used in aromatherapy with a mans needs in mind, and finish with a full body massage.

Our 90 minute session also includes our Spa Facial.

  • 60 minutes $125
  • 90 minutes $170

Sumatran Coconut Sandalwood Body Polish – Our creme based Apricot seed and pumice scrub exfoliates while essential oils of sandalwood, coconut and vanilla bring you and your body to the tranquility of the South Pacific, followed by a moisturizing full body massage. Our 90 minute session includes our Spa Facial.

  • 60 minutes $125
  • 90 minutes $170

Body and Soul Treatments

The Raj- A truly indulgent experience taking you to a deep meditative state. We begin with lemongrass, frankincense and sandalwood Body Polish, adding our Spa Facial, and follow with a relaxing body massage. We conclude your session with our Shirodhara oil pour. This experience lasts two hours, and may be our clients favorite treatment.

  • 2 hours $225

The Prana Decadence- Lasting three hours, you will experience all of the best services our spa has to offer. Starting out with one of our massage therapists you will receive a body polishing scrub, followed by a 60 minute deep tissue, or swedish massage. Next, you will continue on with our esthetician who will begin with our ultimate foot treament, followed by our 60 minute Ultimate Rejuvination Facial, and finish with our shirodhara warm oil hair and scalp treatment.

  • 3 hours $350

The Five Star- One of our most popular services…..we have combined our clients’ favorite “a la carte” treatments into the Five Star.
The Five Star treats five very important parts of your body: the feet, hands and the face.
Your feet are cleansed and exfoliated, and then encased in a paraffin mask, followed later with a soothing foot massage, then in each hand is placed a warm basalt stone before receiving a relaxing massage as well, finishing with a warm steam facial massage.

  • 60 minutes $100

The Ultimate Foot- Ease your feet with an epsom salt soak with eucalyptus and lavender. Then we scrub your stress away with a pumpkin pumice foot scrub. Followed by a paraffin mask, finishing with a moisturizing foot massage. *Sold as an add-on service only or included in the treatments mentioned on our website.

  • 30 minutes $50