Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a comfortable floor mat, with both the client and therapist dressed in comfortable clothing, such as yoga or workout clothes. Your therapist uses their hands and their feet to engage both their own, and your body weight to gently guide you through a series of movements, creating a slow flowing “dance” with and around your body. These “ancient series of movements” have been passed down for thousands of years.

Thai Yoga Massage is often referred to as assisted yoga, and is highly beneficial to all, regardless of your age or level of flexibility. Thai massage is best described as a series of compressions, using our palms, pressure point therapy, using our thumbs and fully assisted stretches based in yoga philosophy. Having a Thai Yoga Massage is nothing like going to a yoga class. Rather, Thai massage is based in the theory of yoga which, in a nutshell, serves to use body movement and relaxation and hands on manipulation in order to remove blockages in your body. Among many other things, Thai Yoga Massage serves to open up many blocked gates in your body, increases flexibility, tones your muscles, relieves muscular tension, boosts your immune system, and relaxes and refreshes your entire body.

We consistently receive high praise for this service, and invite you to experience this ancient, and truly result oriented healing practice. reviews |  Schedule an Appointment

Thai Yoga Massage

What to bring, and how to prepare: Please bring appropriate clothes to wear. These can be anything that you would wear to work out in, do yoga, or even sleep in. Loose or tight, as long as you can be moved around in them. Just try not to bring “slippery” fabrics. Try not to arrive with a full stomach, avoiding large meals just before your appointment.

  • 1 and 1/2 hour $140
  • 2 hour $190

Afterwards I felt the most wonderful combination where my emotional state was one of complete calm and my body was coarsing with vital energy”

Gwenyth – Palm Beach

After my Thai Massage I told everyone I saw how great I felt, 5 days later I was still telling them”

Malcome – Toronto

Either he’s moving to New York or I’m moving to Key West. That was amazing”

Joel – New York City